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by Union Jack

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So long 02:58
Kill, kill, kill, is the aim that is proclaimed War has been declared There’s no survivor in this game All doomed in the end Old, young, male and female, it’s all the same, its helpless targets Millions of prey will pass away Who's to blame when you're disarmed to fight pain? Battle’s unfair, there’s no happy end It took my child, my love, away and soon enough it will catch me If God exists, please let me know what it means You can pray, you can pay, but your loved ones will die anyway The fight is lost before it started No matter the therapy> When the disease strikes with no mercy You can’t be saved by the chemistry You can’t escape your destiny, just a number among the casualties It crushes you insidiously, no one has found a remedy Struggle in vain, then believe again. This vicious enemy has come to get you Silent, hidden, this shit will only take, the best of you, the best of you It will never leave you alone Like your own shadow, worse than thousands of black widows Nothing but skin and bones, a damn scarecrow, weakened before the deathblow Who’s the next in line in this death row, Here comes the deadline the countdown ends now And you fell apart Too soon, too fast It stopped your heart, destroyed you at last Rest in Peace Now you've been released You will be missed Forever be missed Rest in Peace Now you've been released Forever, Forever
Just one more shot, strong like a bomb, I've only one knee on the ground With or without, I’m already drowned I hit the bottle, ease the pain, forget the troubles of my soul, Facing the wall once again, I feel like I’ve lost control … I never thought I’d get so low Day after day, I sink How could I let all my dreams go? Sip after sip I swear to quit Can’t crawl out of this hole I fell into Some choose to live, I chose to drink I just can't stop. Booze makes me blind I can’t restrain myself I’m not so fine when reality comes to my mind I’d truly love to free myself and start it all over again All over again But I confess I’m not against just one last glass to kill the night So long so wrong I built my own tomb that’s all I’ve done, see what I’ve become Can’t count the tears I spent to drink They’re lost forever in the sink Day after day, I sink My will is strong but my body’s weak Sip after sip I swear to quit Take me out, show me the exit Shut off my thirst before I’m dust Calm down the beast, break the habit May I have one for the road?
Electricity 02:40
Life is short, life is now, what you reap is what you sow It may take years to understand because things never go as planned Don't be fooled, you've been schooled, the media spread lies Don’t be surprised! I think it’s time for you to realize Laziness is killing you smoothly, Too many years wasted in front of the screen Think for yourself, don’t swallow their stories Read more books and throw your tv out! Change the channel, do your own thing Turn off the radio and live for real The clock is ticking, my friend, the night comes to an end, another day in vain Again and again Time flows, no procrastination, Action Reaction, two different options This whole system’s built to keep you enslaved Then they make believe that they make the war for peace So question everything, all information is biased Complete the puzzle, some pieces are missing Misinformation is a common weapon, mass alienation is called communication So stop watching it, and get up from your seat! Do things for real, you won’t be deceived! There are so many facts that you can't deny You’re only good to buy, you’re hypnotized The tv stupefies. Wake up, open your eyes Manipulated, like if you’ve been blinded You’ve better things to do than waiting to die Cut down the puppets’ strings
I am so wild that I can’t be tamed, a tormented soul not for sale, Excuse me, baby, I can't be chained, so I wrote this song to explain Got so many troubles that they can't be named, I’m not easy to understand, Misanthropist, I must admit but I am working on it My heart is filled with sorrow, inside tears flow But I have never shown I’m lonely but glad to be free, don’t stick with me, you’ll never catch me You’d better be reckless I’m not easily impressed I want you to know, I'm cynical, too critical, and hard to control We all have our faults, be patient and lenient, meet me in my wildcats paradise I’m sensitive, not negative That's what I will try to make you believe Wistful feelings torment my dreams I try to forget and even to forgive Living with me ain't easy. I need to learn diplomacy Like a fine wine, I get better with age, but for some things, I can’t turn the page You’d better be reckless I’m not easily impressed I want you to know, I'm cynical, too critical, and hard to control I’m torn apart, I feel so sick inside, I’m all worn out, so please stand by my side I’ll take you for an introspective ride, you might find out the secrets that I hide You’d better be reckless, I’m not easily impressed I want you to know, I'm cynical, too critical, and hard to control We all got our faults, be patient and lenient Meet me in my wildcats paradise


released August 4, 2013







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